Project Description

Wait (for Us)

Until the butter softens on the toast
Until the doorbell rings and it’s a package that needs a signature
Until we are books and our pages are dust
Until the shower runs long enough to steam the mirror
Until the cat lurches on the sofa; hungry, needy, human
Until the curtains aren’t hiding our blemishes
Until we are in repose but nothing’s happening
Until our feet are warm
Until we are bleeding truth
Until the paint is peeling off the walls
Until we begin to laugh again
Until we are water, dancing into ice cubes
Until we are poetry
Until we know the stars will come
Until the chaos has made us one
Until we are invisible

We’re in the middle of the living room
And the earth is now our flesh…

Kay Bell

Kay Bell (Kerryanne Bell) has been writing since her 6th grade teacher introduced her to the poetry form haiku. She can be quoted, “If it makes me cry, sweat or bleed, then it is worth writing about.” She has been published by the journal The American Aesthetic, in the book Brown Molasses Sunday: An Anthology of Black Women Writers as well as in other venues. She is an MFA candidate at The City College of New York.