Project Description

El Ray (Geriatric Beagle), 2018

Beebs (Jester 2), 2018

Beebs (Jester 3), 2018

Beebs (Jester 1), 2018

Ape Bleakney

Ape Bleakney graduated from Kent State University in 2008 with a BFA in Fine Arts, Printmaking and a BA in History. After working in youth development in the nonprofit world after college, she officially launched her creative business, APE MADE, in 2011. She has worked as a self-employed artist since then, primarily as a screen printer but is versed in a variety of other media. She also loves photography and creating mixed media pieces. April believes in purpose-driven printmaking, and strives to engage the community through the arts. She has completed two international residencies this year, in both Chile and Scotland.

Artist Statement

“These piecesĀ are monoprint memorial portraits for my two late geriatric beagles. They both died within a year of each other (ages 18 and 14). I created the Regal Beagle portraits while on artist residencies abroad (king in Chile and jester in Scotland, to match their respective personalities).”