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Pakistan, Fatherless

If Jinnah had lived, his life extending into the summer and autumn of Pakistan’s seasons of growth, seen vision translated into the ordinariness of reality, while still sustaining its spirit, maybe the country would be in a different place.
—Rafia Zakaria, Dawn

Possibly it broke his heart—when Jinnah divined,
As he recognized, in half-sleep, the Angel of Death
Kneeling at the foot of his bed, softly reciting
Iqbal’s “Taranah-e-Hindi,” that neither supplication nor
Streptomycin would save him, that his second child,
The nation itself, would by nightfall become
Another orphan left forever to pine for her father,
Nursed not by his own hand, but its ineffectual shadow.

Faisal Mohyuddin

Faisal Mohyuddin is the author of The Displaced Children of Displaced Children (Eyewear Publishing, 2018), winner of the 2017 Sexton Prize in Poetry and a 2018 Summer Recommendation of the Poetry Book Society. A piece from the collection will appear in The Forward Book of Poetry 2019 as a “Highly Commended Poem.” Also the author of The Riddle of Longing (Backbone Press, 2017), Faisal serves as an educator advisor to the global not-for-profit Narrative 4, teaches English at Highland Park High School in Illinois, and lives with his family in Chicago. Learn more at