Project Description


Imagine healing
as a circle,

around which mankind
once revolved,

linking paradise to navel,

that mystic bud of axis
mundi, life itself,

like the nail driven
into Mecca’s Ka’ba floor,

over which men revolved,
in prayer.

Stripped, cleansed
in the house of Adam,

they searched for heaven
on that cold pierce

of stigmata, feeling unity
and forever,

knowing: this is enough.
It’s all there is.

Jo Burns

Jo Burns was born in Northern Ireland in 1976, and lives in Germany. Jo’s poetry has been published widely in journals such as Acumen, Oxford Poetry, Southword, Popshots, The Stinging Fly, The Tangerine and Magma. Jo won the McClure Poetry Prize at the Irish Writers Festival in Los Gatos, CA and the Magma Judges Prize Poetry Competition 2018. Her first collection White Horses will be published by Turas Press in November 2018.