Project Description

Less Sure


a tiny circle
circumference enough

noose or face
lined by that which partitions

any island
any prairie

we could out-crawl
rail lines

dwellings made of dirt
dug in front of us

the imprint of tools
our patter[n]ing


time eats away
the places we love

to worship
in communion

say it
isn’t so

our temples encircle
prayer upon prayer

furrowed layers
to shore us

land’s range
mends us

Lori Anderson Moseman

Lori Anderson Moseman founded Stockport Flats, a press dedicated to experimental poetry and sustainability, in the wake of Federal Disaster #1649, a flood on the Delaware River. Anderson Moseman has published several books of poetry, including Flash Mob (Spuyten Duyvil, 2016), Full Quiver (Propolis Press, 2015), Cultivating Excess (The Eighth Mountain Press, 1992), Persona (Swank Books, 2003), Temporary Bunk (Swank Books, 2009) and All Steel (Flim Forum Press, 2012). Recently, her work has appeared in Barzakh, Drunken Boat, Epoch, PEEP/SHOW: A Taxonomic Exercise in Textual and Visual Seriality, Portland Review, A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments,, Tonopah Review, Water~Stone, and The Volta.