Project Description

In the Search for Intelligent Life

I will glide through the rings of Saturn resplendent
and seven times recite “Al settimo splendore
from Paradiso. I will rise to the lonely terminus
and read a eulogy for the death of a star. I will
juggle meteorites in the airless space of longing
and name them for lovers who died on impact.
I will calculate Hawking’s Theory of Everything
and sing about the righteousness of math. I will
discern the sun’s inspiration for creative irradiance
and apologize for the blaze of my own delusions.
I will do all through an eon of phantasmagoria
before intelligence mosses over bigotry on Earth.

Sem Megson

Sem Megson’s work, which explores how people both raise and lower themselves to deal with our ever-changing world, has been published in American, British and Canadian literary journals, and has been produced by theatres in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, and London, England.