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Big Blue

Heron Hare


Woodland Wedding

Clear Sky

Kim Sharkey

Kim Sharkey is multi-media artist living close to sea on the west coast of Ireland in Co. Donegal, working across art, illustration, ceramics and animation. She completed an honours degree in Decorative Arts on first leaving school; this cemented her lifelong passion for the handmade, specialising at that time in ceramics. Her first exhibition included porcelain paper clay light pieces adorned with translucent poetry. Kim went on to train in studio pottery skills.

Twenty years on, her years in that field combined with workshop facilitation and her love of words and story, found Kim back in an educational setting, where she combined the handcrafted with hand-drawn elements and digital layering during an animation degree. In her last weeks of that degree she was chosen to present her final animation to HRH Prince Charles on his visit to Donegal. Thereafter she received the Derek Hill award for creativity.

At last in this sumptuous combination of words, story, drawing, handcrafted and digitally combined work, Kim felt creatively at home; she currently develops collage-style folklore-based artworks, animations, prints and cards from her home in Donegal.

Artist Statement

It all begins hare… well here.

Growing up in Yorkshire I loved to hear the beautiful folklore tales and Irish mythology from the soft lilting Donegal accent of my lovely Dad, Brian Sharkey. I’ve since moved to that area in Donegal, in fact to the exact area where my most favourite of tales was based… and yes! There are lots of hares. This story told of magical Hares, of course… in particular a small boy who changed into a hare!

These stories were also inspiration for my starting the animation degree some years ago. I believe illustration and animation are the perfect way to share the rich heritage of storytelling that we have flowing through to the tips of our Celtic roots in Ireland. The 12th of this month marks the fourth anniversary of my father’s sad passing, but, oh! what gifts he gave in the magic of his words.