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Mo Glows

Mazie Lane & Bob O'Hearn

Mazie Lane lives with her dear beloved Bob, her best friend and darling one in a small mountain town called Paradise, in the beautiful state of California. They share their lives with a tiny rescue dog called Bug, their two enormous goldfish, Casper and Shadowfax, and their fine, sweetly singing canary, called Neti. Until six months ago they also shared their hearts and lives with their sixteen year old Lab, Amos.

Bob O’Hearn retired from a career as a developer of natural and organic manufacturing, retail, and distribution systems in the United States. He currently lives with his Beloved, Mazie, in a lovely little mountain town called Paradise, situated on the ridge of the Little Grand Canyon, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada range. He enjoys writing and photography, and maintains a number of blogs and albums for sharing his work, including and

Mazie's Artist Statement

After being side-lined by health issues, namely Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, I found myself watching the world from my armchair instead of from the busy peopled avenues and cityscapes I’d once wandered through. In this resting mode of watching from my window, I saw that the wild birds had gathered to drink the water in the bowls I’d placed around the gardens and had come to eat the seeds in the trays and the seeds I’d spread on the ground below.

It was in one of these pristine moments that I realized my happiness in a life of being bound to a window and a chair was in the study and sharing through photography, all the wild birds passing through on their migratory routes. I was enthralled.

I bought a camera and started capturing their images each day and through each passing season. There are different birds here in my gardens during all four seasons, and they return year after year, season after season, raising their offspring and teaching them to return here each year also. I happen to live in the middle of the Pacific Flyway, a migratory route for hundreds of different species of birds. Could I be any more fortunate than this?

This is what I do. I sit and I watch and I let them inter-twine their lives with my life. For me, there could be no finer existence than this… watching the birds and learning their ways as they interact with one another, and with all that lives around them. For me, for my Bob and my Bug, and for our fine big fat fish and our sweet-voiced canary, truly, this is Paradise forever.