Project Description

A Dream of Rain

When the rains finally came
they came in a torrent
to bruise the heart
of the hardest preacher
and the waters stood six inches
in the patient streets
and in the fields rivulets streamed
from the bone-puckered hides
of cow and coyote
coursing down to fill the deep
brokenness of the puzzled earth
seaming its pieces back together
and in the glistening houses
the dying opened their windows
and knew, now, how to let go
and the living opened their doors
to kneel in lakes of sparkling sky
knowing, now, how to hang on
and children set sail paper boats
—hundreds, thousands—
pale as doves, brave as prayers.

Lee Ann Pingel

Lee Ann Pingel earned a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from UC San Diego but was too scared to try to make a living as a writer. So she got a master’s degree in political science from the University of Georgia but hated every moment of it. Upon graduating, she returned to her first love by becoming the editor for the University of Georgia’s Department of Independent and Distance Learning, a position she held for seventeen years. In the meantime, she earned a master’s degree in religion, which she loved as deeply as she despised political science. Most of her work revolves around themes of faith, doubt, and navigating a life marked but not defined by its wounds. She lives in Athens, Georgia, with her husband and a pathologically attention-seeking cat, although she prefers rats to any other house pet.