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Keith Waldrop

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3 Poems

first shadow
then reflection, smooth

bright surface




and in a dream
I was running O my
Soul no
universe but

with signs” made

use of
laid against us: hairs of the
head, blood, semen, menstrual
fluid, footprints in dust

hoot of an owl, most
frequent miracle, miracle

3 [Cradle Song].
close your eyes against
what’s there breathe in and
out the usual

the dead no matter


Keith Waldrop

Keith Waldrop has been a prominent voice in American poetry for over forty years.  He was born in Emporia, Kansas in 1932, drated into the US Army in 1953, earned a PhD in comparative literature from the University of Michigan in 1964, and has taught at Brown University since 1968. He is the author of over a dozen books of poetry, prose, and translations, and was awarded the 2009 National Book Award for poetry for Transcendental Studies: A Trilogy.

He co-edits Burning Deck Press with his wife, Rosmarie Waldrop. In addition to winning a National Book Award, Waldrop has received an NEA Fellowship for translation, a stipend from the DAAD Berlin Artists’ Program, and a Fund for Poetry Award.  His poetry has been translated into French, German, and Danish, and the French Government has given him the rank of “Chevalier des arts et des letters.”

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